Vujovic planted positions of the ‘three’ to the ambassador of Slovakia

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Vice president of the government Milorad Vujovic abused the visit of the Slovak ambassador Roman Hloben with whom he had a meeting yesterday, by planting him that he agreed with the opposition ‘three’ by supporting their opinions on Solana and Buljarica, abuses of the Law on data secrecy, tax discipline…

To this scandalous act of the vice president of the government reacted ambassador Hloben himself who in a statement for Dnevne newspaper confirmed that he asked for the correction of the announcement and correct interpretation of the conversation they had.

“It is correct that I aksed for a correction of the announcement, because it is simply not true that I agreed with Mr. Vujovic’s statements about Buljarica, Solana, tax discipline… These are issues that Mr. Vujovic spoke about and I was surprised when I saw that it was interpreted in the announcement as a mutual position. I’m an ambassador of a country in Montenegro and I behave accordingly, relations between the ruling party and the opposition are internal stuff of Montenegro”, said Hloben to Dnevne newspaper.

Vujovic: I said that the opposition discovered abuses

Vice president of the government told Dnevne newspaper that there was a mistake in the inital announcement.

„During the meeting it wasn’t a mutual agreement regarding the abuses, but it was I who said it. In the second announcement we excluded this sentence in order to avoid confusion”, said Vujovic to Dnevne newspaper.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro