Vujovic: Response by A2A a proof that the Government mislead the public

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Response by company A2A on opposition’s proposals is a testimony that earlier stories by the Government and its vice president were deceptive and misleading, said vice president of the Government from the opposition Milorad Vujovic. He said that the opposition will be forced to exit the Government if the Agreement is not respected.

Company A2A notified the Government late last night that proposals from opposition representatives in the government which were presented yestrerday by the vice president Milorad Vujovic, are unacceptable for this company, first one because it’s inconsistent with the structure of the exit option that was negotiated with the government, and second one because company A2A doesn’t want to further postpone the signing of the contract.

“What A2A denied was your proposal, you started this story, so this is an actual misleading of the public”, said Vujovic.

From the response can be understood, he emphasized, that Montenegro cannot get back 41.75 percent of shares for 250.000.000 euros.

According to him, in response by A2A is clearly stated that “we should also consider that the board of A2A already considered and approved the Draft of the contract that was agreed upon between two negotiating teams”.

“By this they clearly state that they have already earlier made all the agreements because they were aware that the opposition will protect the interests of the country of Montenegro and that it will not subdue to their dirty, crooked and setup proposals and seeking possibilities for realization of the previously determined scenario”, emphaized Vujovic.

If the Agreement is breached, Vujovic emphasized that the opposition will be forced to exit the Government of electoral trust under the predetermined procedures.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro