Vujovic: We’ll soon have the candidate for Minister of Agriculture

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Deputy Prime Minister Milorad Vujovic said in an interview with Pobjeda daily that SDP, Demos and URA will soon come up with a candidate for the vacant position of Minister of Agriculture.

He explained that he could not be the coordinator of this department because he could not fully devote himself to this demanding function.

“There’s little time left and its better if it is individually dealt with”, Vujovic said.

POBJEDA: Your primary job in the government is control of the money being allocated. Do you assess that you could, to the full extent, control the use of money assigned by the narrow government?

VUJOVIĆ: We have already performed supervision over funds used by the inner cabinet of the Government, and submitted our findings. We will continue to do so in the future, and promptly inform the public on all our control activities. I doubt it possible that all lines of allocating money can be fully explored, but I will insist that the abuses which existed in my term of office do not happen again.

POBJEDA: The new Government of the “electoral trust” has been operational for over a month now. What is your experience so far in the executive branch?

VUJOVIĆ: So fa experience is perhaps better than expected, which is not to say that there were no polite attempts of obstruction, like in the fact that we still haven’t received the majority of requested documents. This will not prevent me in my intention to persevere on the way to our set goal, and that is the establishment of conditions for free and fair elections.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro