Vukadinovic on balance of the "troika": They were hunting witches, but caught brooms

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Announced exit from the Government of the representatives of the political parties that are making “troika”, URA, Demos and SDP, shows the limitted capacity of these political groups. For all those who are following political situation in Montenegro, this is not a surprise. They didn’t do any of the things they promised to so Montenegro is further from fair and free elections today than it was before they entered the government thanks to them, said political analyst dr Srdja Vukadinovic while commenting political scene of Montenegro and announcement from URA and SDP that their representatives might leave the government.

For Vukadinovic, talking about the boycott of the elections is also a sign of their limitations. But a sign of lack of political culture too.

“Talk about the boycott is now completely redundant and a new proof of their limitations and lack of political culture. Especially from the “troika” which signed the Agreement on free and fair elections in which it’s stated that they will accept the results of the elections. But nothing can get them out of the problems they created for themselves now. They showed that previous couple of months were torture for them, within the “troika” and in relations with the ruling party. Instead of presenting themselves as experts, they presented themselves as witch hunters”, emphasized Vukadinovic.

“They were speaking to the public for months that they will uncover the abuse of public resources for elections. Main goal of the entrance in the government was voters’ list and it’s regularization. And nothing happened. They didn’t uncover any phantom voters, or dead people on voters’ lists, or those who vote on two addresses… So what they promised to do they hadn’t done and they’re aware of it. And that is the real reason for their exit from the government. The contract with A2A just came along as a good excuse. If it didn’t, something else would have come along”, said Vukadinovic.

Vukadinovic emphasized that parties that joined the Government of electoral trust are losing support and rating, and latest research is showing this.

“SDP, DEMOS and URA are not opposition but part of the position for their voters, coalition partners of DPS which is why their rating is drastically dropping. That’s why they’re trying to save themselves by exiting the government. However, they’re late. Their supporters are not satisfied by their results from joining the government, and they will either not vote or will give their vote to some other political group”, emphasized Vukadinovic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro