Vukovic: If krivokapic stays, breakup is possible

Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) could initiate the termination of the coalition with the Social Democratic Party (SDP),if Ranko Krivokapic stay at the head of the Social Democrats, said a lecturer at the Faculty of Political Sciences, Ivan Vukovic.

He said he could not see the possibility of the survival of the coalition DPS-SDP as a functioning political union, if there is no change at the head of the SDP.

“Although in the past, the possibility that the SDP” change the political side, was frequently emphasized, “I think that, with Krivokapic as old-new president, was to be expected that the initiative for the termination of the coalition at some point comes from a larger coalition partner,” Vukovic said to agencyMina.

In the top of the DPS, he explained, there is a will and clearly identified political interest to continue the cooperation with the SDP, but with the unchanged attitude of the SDP leader it would not be possible in the future.

Commenting on the fact that the DPS is in power since the introduction of multiparty system in 90’s and that no opposition party has seriously entered the electorate of that party, Vukovic said that the key reason is that the DPS has been changing itself “more and more determined” than everyone else.

“The DPS, especially over the past two decades, has changed more and more determined than any other party in Montenegro,” Vukovic said.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro