Vukovic: Opposition avoids taking responsibility by including NGO representatives in the government

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MP for the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) Miodrag Vukovic said that proposing non-party candidates for ministerial posts in the government of PM Milo Djukanovic show two things – that the opposition parties which have signed a political agreement on free and fair elections do not have adequate staff in their ranks and engage representatives of NGO sector, or that they avoid taking responsibility and transfer it to NGOs.

According to Vukovic, the fact which has been pointed out for some time proves to be true – a part of the civil sector consists of the latent political entities that only needed an opportunity such as this one to start being engaged in politics as a practical activity.

“The proposal presented by URA, SDP and Demos according to which two out of four ministerial posts that are offered in the political agreement should be hold by representatives of NGO sector posted many dilemmas. The question is whether the whole process should have been carried out in a more direct manner – to include NGO sector as a partner in the dialogue from the very beginning, in order to reach the final result that has just been achieved, ie to have non-party figures in the government. On the other hand, the question is also whether political parties that nominate NGO representatives for the ministerial positions instead of their members thus show that they do not have adequate staff, but a forced to rely on civil society structures. Does it show lack of staff within those parties or it can be concluded that they avoid taking responsibility for the political process that is supposed to be carried out by the government”, Vukovic told Dnevne Novine newspaper.

According to Vukovic, it turns out that our civil sector is under-built and far from democratic standards, when it comes to such a structure.

“In particular, they proposed people from NGO sector, thus showing that these parties are transferring responsibility to the structures that will not be formally exposed to any kind of judgement after the constitution of the government electoral trust”, said Vukovic.

He points out that this is a global absurd, given that there is no example of a civic society associating its activities to political parties while hiding behind the civil sector title.

“It is even more radical here, because the civil sector sides only with the opposition. NGO representatives who will enter Djukanovic’s government, allegedly as non-party figures, will definitely work for the party they were proposed by and not for an NGO. This is indeed a precedent. But now it is what it is. This process should finally be completed”, Vukovic said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro