Vukovic: The initiative is anti-Montenegrin!

The initiative for a vote of confidence against the government is anti-Montenegrin, anti-systemic and anti-democratic and it will, as is the idea of protest of the Democratic Front, be a bad move and experience the debacle, said the representative of the Democratic Party of Socialists Miodrag Vukovic.

He said there was no reason for Parliament to prolong the debate on the resolution on NATO, due to the initiative of no confidence in the Government, initiated by the Democrats.

According to him, the draft resolution on the support of NATO integration is another name for one of the main interests of the citizens of Montenegro, which is why, he said, there should be serious dialogue and the adoption of the document in the Parliament.

“I expect the majority that is dedicated to the welfare and development of Montenegro and that considers interests of the state more important than the current interests of the party, would stand behind this resolution,” said Vukovic.

He believes that the Democrats’ initiative for no confidence vote is completely unnecessary, redundant, politicized and cheap.

“The request for a vote of no confidence to the Government has nothing to do with reality, as well as the request to organize a protest. It’s all packed intention to try to stop the democratic development of Montenegro, allegedly through a vote of no confidence in the Government at a time when the state is facing historic date of NATO invitation, “said Vukovic

Izvor: RTV Montenegro