Waiting for arrest in the Parliament

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Leaders of the Democratic Front Andrija Mandic and Milan Knezevic, said that the arrest would not scare them, stating it was good that the opposition had finally united.

The two of them, together with DF MPs, entered the Parliament hall after the Assembly abolished them the MP immunity where, as announced, they will wait for the arrest.

“We will wait for further developments in our Parliament offices”, The Front announced.

After voting, the Front officials insulted the ruling coalition MPs while they were leaving the plenary hall.

Before the voting, several hundred citizens gathered in front of the Parliament building but they left after the voting.

Mandic thanked them for their support.

“Everything that is going on – a violation of the Constitution and parliamentary procedures, has been designed somewhere and it has been requested by Djukanovic. No one stopped him to act as the Government and the Prosecution wants to act now. But now that he hid somewhere in Dubai, he wants to intimidate citizens. I want you to know, that he can’t do anything to us. He can’t intimidated and humiliate us. “Mandic said.

He thanked his colleagues from the opposition.

“We found common ground in opposition. We need to make a new start and a new fortress which he regime can’t penetrate. The biggest strength is the unity of the opposition and the Front will commit to it even more.”

Source: Radio Television Montenegro