Waiting for SNP: Konjevic in ministry of finance, Danilovic in MUP, Popovic vice prime minister, Maric in labor and social welfare

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SDP, Demos and URA finally agreed upon the candidates for ministers in the government of election trust. They suggested that the Milenko Popovic becomes the vice prime minister, that Goran Danilovic becomes the minister of internal affairs, that Rasko Konjevic becomes the minister of finance and that Boris Maric becomes the minister of labor and social welfare.

As they said, the list was made based on an earlier agreement and principles that each opposition party gets one ministry, and that position of vice prime minister goes to a non party individual.

So, although it was said earlier from SDP that they won’t enter the government, the final agreement is that former minister of internal affairs will become part of the executive authorities again.

SDP, Demos and URA snet out a message to SNP that they are waiting for them to confirm their participation in ministry of agriculture after today’s meeting of their executive board.

“In order to send a unified opposition list to the Government on time and in accordance with the agreement signed”, it was stated in the announcement by URA, Demos and SDP.

SNP earlier suggested Radivoje Rasovic for the position of minister of agriculture. Final decision will be made at the Board meeting which started at 3 o’clock today.

Abazovic: If SNP won’t, we have a candidate for the minister of agriculture

Parliament member from URA Dritan Abazovic confirmed to CdM after the meeting of the party leaders in the parliament that the list is final.

“If the answer from SNP is negative, which we hope won’t happen, we have several candidates ready for the position of the minister of agriculture”, said Abazovic but didn’t want to mention any names.

Montenegrin parliament will start a meeting tomorrow on which the parliament members will discuss and vote on the proposal of the law for implementation of the Agreement on free and fair elections Lex Specialis, as well as changes in the government and the issue of the trust in the president of the Parliament Ranko Krivokapic.

The meeting will last at least two days, it was decided on the collegium of the parliament’s president.

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Source: Cafe Del Montenegro