Wang Hongbo: CRBC ready, the highway of strategic importance

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All the workers, machines and equipment of CRBC are ready for the beginning of construction of the highway Bar-Boljare. This is a project of strategic importance for our company, said Wang Hongbo, director of the project, in an interview with Weekend Edition of Dnevne Novine daily.

DN: Company CRBC has been contracted to build the biggest infrastructural project in Montenegro. What does this experience mean for your portfolio, keeping in mind that the field is very demanding and specific?

WANG: The construction of the highway Bar-Boljare is one of the most important projects that our company had. The significance is given not only because of the demands this works puts on the company, but also because of its strategic importance. Within cooperation between China and countries of central and Eastern Europe, the Montenegrin initiative will strongly contribute to the recognition of our brand, long term relationships of trust with business partners and our good positioning at the regional market.

DN: In your opinion, what has been the biggest challenge in this project so far, and what can be especially demanding in the upcoming stages?

WANG: Surely project documentation and permits were the biggest challenge so far. If we talk about construction in the field, I believe that building the bridge Moračica will require special attention. Also, a large number of tunnels that make priority parts of the highway are more challenging than other constructions.

DN: At what stage is the project now, are the activities in accordance with your plan?

WANG: Moračica bridge (part 1.3) and tunnel Vjeternik (part 2.3) represent key objects on the highway and the plan of the project is directly dependent on the success of their construction. This is the reason that we put priority on these two objects. Recently we acquired construction permits for the tunnel and the bridge and the main construction has already started. Project documentation for the rest of the highway is in the making, and is going through State Committee for revision of technical documentation, while the rest of construction permits will be given during the next six months. I would like to say that all the workers, machines and equipment are ready for the beginning of the main construction.

DN: How many workers, local and foreign, are currently employed in this project, and how many more do you expect to hire by the end of the construction?

WANG: In Montenegro, CRBC hired 556 workers, local and foreign. At the time of heightened activities, we expect to hire additional 3.000 workers, in order to respond to the tasks in a quality manner.

DN: How many local producers were hired so far by CRBC and do you expect to go over the contractually assigned number of 30%?

WANG: Concluding with April 1st, Ministry of Traffic and Maritime Affairs has given to CRBC 50 agreements for hiring producers (local and foreign). The value of contracts given to local companies (registered in Montenegro before January 1st 2012) is currently at 20,74%. Keeping in mind the article of contract that proposes that at least 30% of work must be given to local companies, CRBC will continue to hire them, in order to fulfill our contractual obligations.

DN: This project is being implemented by the Government of Montenegro, lead by Ministry of Traffic and Maritime Affairs. How pleased are you with your cooperation with the Government?

WANG: So far we have had very good cooperation with Government’s instances. We cooperated with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism on a few important matters such as environment protection, explosives storage issue, mining qualifications. These institutions were very efficient and of great help to us. We hope that this cooperation continues in the future.

DN: Since coming to Montenegro, CRBC has shown interest for implementation of other big infrastructural projects. What are those projects and what long term plans does the company have in Montenegro?

WANG: CRBC specializes in projects such as roads, bridges, ports, railways, airports, tunnels, utility works and excavations. CRBC Montenegro would like to take part in implementation of infrastructural development projects in Montenegro, and to build a long term cooperation with the Government of Montenegro. Our interest currently is directed towards the highway, its second stage, and matters of Port Bar and reconstruction of the railway.

DN: CRBC has been recognized as a socially responsible and humane company. You invested in schools, bicycle tracks, hospitals, local populace, etc. Do you have similar activities planned in the future?

WANG: Although CRBC is a foreign company, we see our role in Montenegro as that of a friend to local community. Roads and bridges we are building will also lead to good and strong friendships. Although all our attention is faced towards the beginning of main construction, this does not stop us from listening to the needs of local community, of which we are a part of now.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro