Washington did not give up on Balkans


Messages that United States Vice President Mike Pens communicated during his visit to Podgorica prove that Washington has not give up on Balkans and that they are focused on creating the best security framework for the region, analyst Dusan Janjic told Radio Montenegro.

He said that the Adriatic Charter Summit was held in Podgorica at a time when the whole world awaited to see what the policy of new Washington administration would be, stating that such an event overcomes the interests of the Western Balkan countries.

“Messages that issues should be dealt with through negotiation, that peace and stability should be worked on are very important. Also important messages from the American side are that the alliance is to be strengthened and preserved. If the vice president of a great power arrives in Montenegro and says that all NATO allies are equally important, and that in the alliance they do not have small allies, it is a heroic example,” said Janjic.

Pens’ message, as he added, shows that he understands well what is doing the other, Russian side “which has been campaigning these days that for great powers it was meaningless to cooperate with small countries.”

“For the region, there are important messages from the US that do not speak from a standpoint of numbers, power relations, or nuclear weapons. For Montenegro it is important to be encouraged to be an active factor because there is a lot of work in the region. Montenegro was part of that milieu not only while being in the common state, but because our nations are connected,” Janjic said.

He thinks Pens’ messages were heard beyond Moscow.

“This is of serious consideration in China, as currently the Balkans is not the scene of the conflict, but the scene of diplomatic struggle to strengthen its position within the intensified relations between America and Russia. It is an important message that the American administration will not give up on the Balkans and that it is not focused on Kosovo and BiH alone any more. Washington is focused on creating a security framework such as NATO within which the problems would be solved peacefully,” Janjic concluded.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro