Waszczykowski: Poland will be among the first to ratify the protocol

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Poland is dedicated to politics of open doors, and decided to be among the most efficient allies in the process of ratification and finish this process without delays, much earlier than the end of the year, said in an interview to Pobjeda the minister if foreign affairs of Poland Witold Waszczykowski.

Montenegro is celebrating an anniversary – ten years of independence. Did we use all of our chances?

WASZCZYKOWSKI: Ten years since independence is a good time to look back on the achievements in consolidation of the sovereignity and democracy. I would particularly like to praise Montenegro for choosing an ambitious and demanding road of Euroatlantic integrations and the fact that it became a regional leader in this area.

How do you se relations between two countries?

WASZCZYKOWSKI: It is undoubtful that relations between Montenegro and Poland have been strengthening in past ten years. We recently intensified our political cooperation because there is a consensus between parties in Warsaw that Montenegro belongs to Europe and that it should join NATO, as a country that shares our values of democracy and freedom.

Montenegro will soon become 29th member of the Alliance, what does that mean for Montenegro, region and the Alliance?

WASZCZYKOWSKI: The answer is very simple: politics of open doors of NATO has a goal of promoting stability and coperation in building the Europe that is whole and free, unified in peace, which shares democratic values and works on a common future.

Will Polish parliament ratify Montenegrin Protocol with the Alliance by the end of this year?

WASZCZYKOWSKI: Dedicated to politics of open doors, Poland has decided to reach an ambitious goal and be among the most efficient allies in process of ratification with an ambitious goal to finish this process without delays, much earlier than the end of the year.

Why is it important that Montenegro becomes a member of the Alliance?

WASZCZYKOWSKI: It’s hard to imagine a better invetment in the future. NATO is the most powerful alliance in the world, it offers guarantees of your security, offers stability, promotes democracy and it encourages the rule of law. By expanding area of stability and democracy, members of NATO are simply improving their security environment and prosperity of their citizens.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro