Water prices won’t get higher



The price of water in Podgorica will not go up, said today the Public Relations Bureau of the Capital City.

“The cost of water remains unchanged, the administration of Capital City and the Water Supply and Sewage Company will continue activities to create a sustainable model for securing financial resources that will enable the continuation of investments in the expansion of the water supply and sewage network, as well as maintaining the existing one, ” the statement said.

The Bureau said that “after careful consideration of all the arguments, the city administration and the management of the Water Supply and Sewage have come to the solution to provide missing funds without increasing the price of water.”

Taking into account professional, technical and economic indicators contained in the proposal for increasing tariffs, the administration of the Capital City, through careful consideration of all parameters, concluded that not all the possibilities were run down in searching for models for providing financial resources that create the necessary preconditions for further investments in expansion of the water supply and sewerage network and maintenance of the existing one, so that this burden would not directly affect the citizens.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro