Water supply company charges outdated claims

Debt for water older than two years can not be charged to the customer if not prosecuted, director of the Center for Consumer Protection (CEZAP), Olga Nikcevic said for the portal RTCG, commenting on the announcement of Podgorica Water supply company that it would charge to citizens more than six million of debt.

Economic Officer in the Water supply company, Bojan Lazovic, said that citizens can settle debts to 6, 12 and 24 months, and in special cases in 36 installments. However, payment by installments shall be permitted only in the case of recognition of the entire debt, he explained.

Director of CEZAP evaluated for our portal,that Water company blackmails consumers and uses monopoly system.
She points out that the obligations must be fulfilled,adding that that we are not obliged to pay unreasonably high bills. Many people, she adds, even do not know they have outdated claims.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro