We are entering the most demanding phase of integrations

Montenegro is entering the most demanding stage of EU integrations, where it is expected to give adequate results, particularly in the field of fight against corruption and organized crime, Justice Minister Zoran Pazin said.

Justice Minister Zoran Pazin concluded that there is no doubt that a progress report is positive and, no doubt, so far, the best for Montenegro.

“On the other hand, that should not be interpreted as a reason to relax but as stimulus to commit to the goal even more seriously. There is no doubt that we are now, after regulatory reforms and institution building, at the entrance of the most demanding stage where the results are expected, particularly in the fight against crime . And a large part of the European agenda should be focused in that direction”, Pazin said.

The role of the Montenegrin judiciary in the process of European integration is a key one, British Ambassador to Montenegro Ian Whitting said at the seminar “The right to privacy and protection of personal data”.

“Yesterday we had the opportunity to see the report on Montenegro’s progress. One thing from the report is quite obvious – the role of the Montenegrin judiciary in Montenegro’s progress towards the European Union is essential, and will continue to gain in importance as time goes on. I do not need to remind you on a long way that has already been passed and how much effort has already been put to that”, said Whitting.

He said that it is understood that more needs to be done.

“In the end not one judicial system is perfect. In every country there is room for improvement. That is why our embassy is honored to support the project “The right to privacy and protection of personal data”, which contributes to a better future for all citizens of Montenegro”, Whitting concluded.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro