“We are losing millions and up to 1,000 jobs”

Direct damage of failing to adopt Annex to the contract on the lease of hotel Queen’s beach, caused to the Montenegrin economy, is reflected in the loss of 500 to 1,000 new jobs and about seven million euros, only on the basis of value added tax and property, economic analyst Predrag Drecun said.

To daily Dnevne novine, he said that the decision of the Assembly means the missed opportunity for Montenegro to get another reputable hotel complex.

“The justification that it is a representative part of the coast is not good enough. Monte Carlo is unique and representative location too. It is clear that we have lost a lot with this decision, the state will not collect taxes, and there will be no additional employment service workers”, Drecun said.

Annex to the contract on lease of hotel Queen’s beach ought to provide the Greek company Adriatic Properties leased extension from 30 to 90 years and permission to built a new, four times bigger hotel with five or more stars on the place of the existing hotel. Also, it ought to provide building of 66 apartments in Milocer park.

SDP MPs prevented the Annex adoption by remaining restrained during the vote, thus creating with the opposition the new – old parliamentary majority.

The Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism DN announced yesterday that one again it was approved that some parties in the Assembly put the political interests above the economy.

“Part of MPs showed the true face on Friday evening. The number of restrainers during the voting on the Annex was 15, meaning that they didn’t know what they wanted. The document was on the site of the Ministry for three years, and they acted as if they discussed it for the first time”, Government department pointed out.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro