We are not against Russia if we are for NATO

Montenegro wants to join NATO but that does not mean that we are against Serbia and Russia which are neutral and such position we cannot afford in the volatile Balkans, said a political advisor to the Prime Minister, Milan Rocen.

Speaking at the conference ‘’Montenegro and NATO integration “, held in Danilovgrad last night, Rocen said that people from Bjelopavlici and Katunska Nahija region have always been up to the task when fateful decisions for our country have been brought. He added that this time as well , they would give full contribution to the strategic interests of Montenegro.

‘’ A crucial reason for commitment to NATO and the European family of nations is security and stability of the country, as well as faster economic growth, which largely depends on the inflow of foreign investment. On this path we must not be deceived by an invitation in December, and accession to full membership because of the ongoing reforms particularly in the areas of rule of law, democratization, defense system and other must be carried out according to plan and program, ” Rocen said.

He stressed that considering all the benefits offered by NATO neutrality as a possible option is just lovely, but unsustainable story.

‘’Emotions are something quite different. We cannot go back to the time of the former Yugoslavia and Tito’s era of non-alignment. We are not against Serbia and Russia or other neutral countries, but Montenegro simply cannot be with that prefix in the volatile Balkans, ” Rocen concluded.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro