“We are not doing anything contrary to the law”

#DemocraticPartyOfSocialists(Dps) #ElectionCampaign


Opposition parties and media acting as their long arm, just like before any previous elections, try to construct scandals, in order to overshadow indisputable victory of the DPS at the elections 16 October, it is said in statement of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS).

“As in all election campaigns, the DPS does party activities that are completely in accordance with the law, which also include usual communication with our members and sympathizers. That surely also do all other election participants.”, say from the DPS.

The party also cites that there is no doubt that competent bodies are doing their part of the job and that they will determine if there were elements of a crime to be prosecuted ex officio in the actions of any individual in pre-election activities.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro