We are not for NATO in order to be against Russia

Priority number one of Montenegrin state policy is getting the invitation for NATO membership, Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic said in Berlin, adding that the government did not choose NATO in order to be against Russia, or against anyone, but because we share the values of the Alliance. “This is our guiding principle,” the Prime Minister said.

In his speech at the German Society for Foreign Policy on the subject of “European perspectives of the Western Balkans – experience of Montenegro”, the Prime Minister said he expected the invitation to join NATO by the end of the year.

“We think our optimism is realistic, and that, in the framework of the intensified and focused dialogue, which was committed to Montenegro through the conclusion of the Summit in Wales, with the possibility that the decision to make decision to send the invitations on the ministerial level, we would fulfill the remaining commitments. And that the invitations would ensue in December. As of next week already, we expect positive tones and messages of encouragement from the NATO Ministerial Meeting in Antalya “, said Djukanovic.

Membership of Montenegro is not only important for us, for our security and for more secure European future, but also, as Djukanovic said, for the Balkans and the whole Mediterranean.

“Also, for stability in Europe and in the Euro-Atlantic community. It will be a powerful message of encouragement for all aspirant countries, ” said Djukanovic.

He says the government knows that the decision on NATO membership is always a political one. “We respect the changed global context, and the new situation in Europe caused by the Ukrainian crisis. It is quite logical to consider the role of Russia, in this context, its presence in the Balkans, relations with individual countries. We have a long tradition of good relations with Russia. However, it does not limit us to choose our path to the future ourselves. And to make decisions in accordance with our national and state interests, “said Djukanovic.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro