“We don’t even offer anything to Rakcevic”


The fact that the Montenegrin opposition is on the losing side is not a problem neither of the DPS nor of the citizens, but completely wrong political strategy they are not giving up from, announced the DPS.

They say that it is surprising that even after so many years in government and policy leaders of the Demos and URA, Miodrag Lekic and Zarko Rakcevic, still do not realize that elections are the only way for citizens to determine the true measure of any political party.

“Even now, when they were given the opportunity to have their representatives in the executive branch, they do not give up on politicking. A month later, the result of their control is stirring the media and announcements that one day they would surely find something. They will not, because there are no abuses. DPS has won all the election, including those it has appeared in the coalition with Rakcevic or those after which Lekic was Minister of Foreign Affairs, only thanks to its program and vision for the development of Montenegro, which citizens recognized ” , say from the DPS.

From that political party they pointed out that Rakcevic, as they say, “unprovoked says he refuses collaboration with the DPS.”

“As if someone had offered something to him. To confirm it, so that he does not exhaust himself any more – he will not, even if he wanted to. The DPS has nurtured him and (Ranko) Krivokapic enough, now let them help each other, they may even reach the census “, said from the DPS.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro