We expected more support

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Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS), was expecting more support of citizens in the elections in Herceg Novi, said the DPS official Petar Ivanovic.

In the local elections, according to the unofficial results, the PSD won 12 seats, Democrats 9, Novska lista 3, SNP 2, while Izbor, SDP-URA alliance, Gradjanska Lista and SD one seat respectively.

Ivanovic, the DPS coordinator for Herceg Novi, said that his party remained the strongest one in Herceg Novi with 31.5 percent of the electorate.

“One of three Herceg Novi citizens have voted for the Democratic Party of Socialists. We are 30 percent stronger than the next competitor. That can’t be underestimated”, Ivanovic said last night.

Elections, as he added, were hard with 12 lists out of which almost half had a local character, “which means that it had to come to loss of the mandate.”

“It is obvious that there is one big recomposition on the Montenegrin political scene. For us, it is important that we maintained the primary position and we now have a clear guidelines how to work in the future”, Ivanovic said.

According to him, now they need to carefully analyze the results and see what can be done.

He stated that different possible combinations are at stake, as well as possibility of failure to form the government in Herceg Novi.a

Source: Radio Television Montenegro