We go to the alliance with less risk

Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic said it was realistic to expect that Montenegro will, in less than two months, receive an invitation for NATO membership

At a ceremony marking the Armed Forces Day, the Prime Minister said that this date is celebrated “in the year that I believe will be written in capital letters in recent Montenegrin history.”

“Especially because of the big achievements of our country in the field of integration and entering the alliance of developed democratic nations and peoples. Our expectations to receive an invitation for membership in NATO in less than two months are realistic. The credit for this largely goes to the Armed Forces and the defense sector of Montenegro, ” Djukanovic said.

In the days of that realistic hope, he said, it was an opportunity to recall the Tudjemile battle, “the first major Montenegrin victory in the battle for the defense of state independence”.

Thanks to this historic achievement, he said, we have the Armed Forces of Montenegro.

“The Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces of Montenegro work successfully and with dedication on the reform of the defense sector, to adopt modern standards and strengthen the security capacity, bearing a large share of the responsibility and obligations in the process of NATO integration. Evaluations coming from Brussels and the major European and world address confirm that there has been significant progress on this path. This encourages us to continue forming modern, well-equipped and trained army to measure the state and the citizens, ready for partnership actions outside the territory of Montenegro” said the preme Minister.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro