“We have nothing to do with the coup “

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov declared unfounded the accusations that his country was involved in the attempted coup on the day of the October parliamentary elections in Montenegro.

“This is on a par of other accusations on our expense. That includes hacker attacks in Western countries and our alleged involvement in election campaigns in many countries, as well as links of Donald Trump with Russian special services. There were many more, but none of these claims has nothing to do with the facts, ” Lavrov said, reports the RIA Novosti.

SpecialState Prosecutor Milivoje Katnic said last night in the TV show “Ziva Istina” that at the head of the group that planned terrorist attacks, the assassination of former Prime Minister Djukanovic and stopping Montenegro’s path to NATO, was a member of the security services of Russia Eduard Shirokov, whose real name was Shishmakov.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro