We have the capacity to fight the wildfire



Mirsad Mulic, Director of Emergency Situations Directorate of Montenegro, said that the entire system of protection and rescue was at the height of the task regarding extinguishing fire in the area of Tivat.

All paticipiants, from citizens to the Ministry of Interior, were involved in the firefight, and most importantly, the action finished without human victims.

Mulic told TVCG that Montenegro has the capacity to respond to such scale fires but also to be ready to seek international assistance in the event of an escalation.

“We believe in our capacities, and people in the field, their sacrifice and professionalism. We have two options: one is to establish cross-border cooperation, above all with the Republic of Croatia, and we have the possibility that through mechanisms of civil protection, this mechanism is in Brussels, to seek international assistance. In these circumstances, we could also ask for help through the Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Center, “Mulic said.

“Stanković to mora da zna. DF u ovom trenutku ima 18 poslanika, to je relevantna snaga, bez nas se ne može riješiti nijedna stvar. Danas je dan kad Stanković mor da se odredi. DF je spreman za sve namjere DPS-a, pratićemo šta će se sve desiti, shodno tome ćemo donijeti odluku”, kazao je Bulatović.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro