We need a civic block



In Montenegro there is a need for the formation of a wide, informal civic block, which aim is to create a social environment for free, secret, direct and regular elections, without the abuses of state resources and political corruption, the Civic Initiative “For Us” says.

It is stated that the idea of forming this block, in which personalities that are not active in the political process are involved, will be brought to an end by the “group of free-spirited citizens, mostly publicly recognized activists, intellectuals and other social factors”.

Professor Djordjije Blazic, one of the initiators of the idea, said they recognized all the apathy of the political, economic and overall social condition.

“Today it is clear to everyone that Montenegro is in a serious institutional crisis of the highest constitutional and legitimate body – the Assembly, and neither the authorities nor the opposition have any intention of resolving it in Constitutional way,” Blazic said.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro