“We planed Macedonian scenario “

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President of the New Serbian Democracy, Andrija Mandic, says that “betrayal of the opposition interests and voters’ prevented the Democratic Front (DF) to dismiss Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic under the Macedonian scenario.

Mandic said that in the field he does not “run against” the activists of the Demos, because thez are not there. The performans of the “Troika” was of use only to Djukanovic, and the DF waits for their apology.

“On 13 July 2015, the DF defined the model of the fight against the regime of Milo Djukanovic and we utterly respected every decision we made in the historic gathering in Berane. I do not think we ran the electoral race but that in fall of 2015, the DF stood in defense of the entire Montenegro. The step from the finish, when the final blow to dictatorship was to happen, the same ones that identify themselves as opposition made an unprecedented betrayal of the interests of the opposition and voters. Rather than to support the DF, which broke last lines of defense of the rotten regime, they decided to lend a hand to Milo Djukanovic and enter into his government. The SDP’s president Ranko Krivokapic has even explained that the main reason for the move was intended to prevent the so-called Macedonian scenario. Yes, I admit that our intention was to dismiss prime Minister Djukanovic with similar methods which Macedonian opposition used to remove their Gruevski,” Mandic said in an interview with the portal Antena M.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro