We remain against NATO

The leader of New Serbian Democracy party (NSD) , Andrija Mandic, said that the organization of protest is next step of Democratic Front (DF), after a failed idea of a transitional government. Mandic also praised attitude of Janko Vucinic who said that shadow government should be in the function of protest.

‘’ This man has long been recognized as an uncompromising fighter for justice and workers’ rights.” Mandic said.

He recalled that the Presidency and GO NSD long ago made the decision on the organization of the protests, and that the next Sunday DF would intensify field work and interviews with supporters.

‘’I have not noticed anyone in the leadership DF who has something against the protests, there are only various proposals on how this activity to be carried out.’’

Speaking on whether there are political disagreement within NSD , Mandic said that as far as NATO is concerned the attitude of the party is crystal clear.

“Attitude of the New Serbian Democracy is crystal clear. Our party opposes Montenegro’s membership in NATO and we advocate for military neutrality. The story about NATO is being pushed force among the citizens of Montenegro, and the percentage only decreases. This is natural because our citizens know that in 1999 they were victims of the military alliance, and our compatriots in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1995. From that time until today, our relationship with the military alliance has not changed at all.’’ Mandic concluded.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro