We stopped terrorists and information is not leaking like Swiss cheese! God, but also people, helped us!

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By the arrest of the group from Serbia who is suspected of terrorism, the state has shown that terrorism cannot succeed in Montenegro, said the President Filip Vujanovic.

“I think the country has shown full capacity to protect its citizens. It has shown that terrorism cannot succeed here. In this sense, I think that the seriousness of the state in preventing terrorism is a good indicator of the security services quality. I think in this case we showed that Montenegro is a serious country and that we are able to keep the conspiracy. As we colloquially say, information in Montenegro is leaking like Swiss cheese. In this case, we managed to preserve all that conspiracy of the procedure required until the very arrest due to the fact that there were a very small number of serious, responsible and very professional people involved. Thus the arrest of the group was ensured”, he said.

Vujanovic believes the Chief Special Prosecutor Milivoje Katnic who said that bloodshed and an unprecedented tragedy in Montenegro were prevented.

“He explained that in a very clear, detailed and convincing manner. I think he announced what convinced those who want to understand the facts and to believe in the evidence collected in one professionally conducted procedure that what he said was true”, the president said.

As Vujanovic put it, this means that the God was not the only one who helped us.

“Although God really helped us, there were also the people who have realised that our society and state need help to avoid an anarchic and chaotic situation and, as the prosecutor said, a tragedy which would be, in my opinion, the most catastrophic period in Montenegro since the Second World War”, Vujanovic said.

He does not expect this case will jeopardize relations between Montenegro and Serbia.

Vujanovic also said that he expects the government to be formed soon.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro