We were thrown out without a ground

#DemocraticFront #ElectionDay


Democratic Front’s officials have been expelled from the trial of the accused on the attempted terror on election day.

Trial Chamber Judge, Suzana Mugosa, thrown out members of the DF from the courtroom , because they were calling out during the testimony of the former head of the Serbian Gendarmerie, Bratislav Dikic.

Slaven Radunovic, Marina Jocic, Milun Zogovic, Predrag Bulatovic and Branko Radulovic were among those who were expelled.

The DF official, Predrag Bulatovic, told reporters, after leaving the courtroom, it was not true that they made a mess.

“At the moment when Dikic said that Katnic threatened him, we reacted spontaneously with a sigh. The judge gave us a warning,” Bulatovic said.

Mugosa, as he added, threw them out without grounds. ” They want to show DF as a criminal organization.”

Source: Radio Television Montenegro