We will find the solution for the MontenegroAirlines



Minister of Transport Osman Nurkovic said that there is no dilemma that Smokovac interchange was not a part of the first stage and was not part of the contract.

“The the design of the project documentation was contractual obligation of the contractor, because the project document has to define how to get from the existing road to the highway, “said Nurkovic, stating that the works are being successfully carried out on the entire section, on all bridges and tunnels.

As a guest in the Morning Program of the TVCG, he said that proper valorization of the first section, was already in consideration.

“Its valorization will properly valorized if the construction is continued on the next section from Matasheva to Andrijevica. I think we have a real chance to regulate this through a contract this while the works on this section are being carried out,” Nurkovic said.

Speaking about MontenegroAirlines , Minister Nurkovic said that the Government will find the most acceptable solution to keep the company alive.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro