We will form anti-NATO coalition

President of the Democratic Peoples Party and an official of the Democratic Front Milan Knezevic said that protests, scheduled for September 27, were not directed against receiving invitations to join NATO, adding that such claims are the last line of defense of the regime.

“I have repeatedly said that the only aim of the protest is formation of transitional government, and the maintenance of fair and democratic elections. Everything else is planted “said Knezevic for the Pobjeda.

The DF official announced the formation of anti-NATO coalition in December if Montenegro gets an invitation to the Alliance, stating that the Orthodox Church will not be part of it.

“It is true that during the meeting with Metropolitan Amfilohije I proposed the creation of an anti-NATO coalition as a legitimate response to an aggressive regime NATO campaign, primarily guided by the fact that the electorate of these political entities is against Montenegro’s membership in the NATO military alliance. Due to the fact that I still have not officially formulated my proposal nor sent it to the leaders of the aforementioned political subjects, I can not say that it was rejected. The essence of my proposal is formation of this coalition in December if Montenegro gets the invitation. If we started formation of anti-NATO coalition now, we would have helped the regime to present the invitations issue as already positively completed, ” he said.

Asked whether he regards the Diocese of Montenegro and the Littoral an axel of the coalition, Knezevic said he was still convinced that the current regime will not receive an invitation to join NATO, but if by some miracle the invite arrives, then the formation of anti-NATO coalition is inevitable and represents their commitment.

“At the meeting with Metropolitan Amfilohije and Bishop Joanikije I clearly stated that Metropolitan’s not supposed to be the centerpiece of the possible coalition, because it is a social imperative of political entities who oppose Montenegro’s membership in NATO. “said Knezevic .

Izvor: RTV Montenegro