We will fulfill all criteria for NATO

National Coordinator for NATO Vesko Garcevic, said that he hoped Montenegro would meet all the criteria for an invitation to join the Alliance by October or November.

Asked what was it that Montnegro needs to do until the end of the year to become a NATO member he said that the State has made some progress in most of sub-areas.

“I hope that in October, November, will be able to say that we have fulfilled all the criteria,” said Garčević

At the opening of the training The Montenegro’s Integration into NATO he gave a lecture on the results and the steps Montenegro made so far on the road to NATO, saying that the time not the most appropriate regarding expansion, both in the European Union (EU), as well as in the Alliance, because the subject was not as high on the agenda of the members.

“Many things caused it. Both the economic crisis that hit the EU and enlargement fatigue that spilled over to NATO, and the fact further changes are required in the organization of NATO after the closure of the mission in Afghanistan,” Garcevic said.

He said that no matter the extension is no longer high on the agenda of NATO, Alliance members have until the end of the year to decide on Montenegro’s membership.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro