We will have majority in all three municipalities

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The Democratic Party of Socialists will make great result at local elections scheduled for autumn in three municipalities and will be able to form the governments on its own, thinks the party official Tarzan Milosevic.

By the end of November, local elections will be held in Petnjica, Mojkovac and Cetinje, municipalities where the DPS is now in power.

Milosevic believes that the results they have had in all three municipalities recommend to the citizens to give them support to continue to exercise power, while implemented projects have proved the seriousness of the work of the people leading local government.

He said that they started party activities in those municipalities, and added that he was sure the DPS would make an excellent result.

“I am sure that we will also have majority in Cetinje, Mojkovac and Petnjica, so that we can form the governments by ourselves,” Milosevic told Mina agency.

He noted that the elections in Ulcinj are currently in focus of interest, and that it depends on the coalition partners’ agreement whether they will be held simultaneously with the elections in other municipalities.

“In any case, I do not believe that future of the coalition in power, which exists also at the state level, between us and the Force, and at the same time the Social Democrats and the Democratic Party, is jeopardized,” Milosevic said.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro