We will not lead two policies

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The Montenegrin opposition should either seriously and fully boycott parliament and all electoral processes and seek extraordinary parliamentary elections, or every opposition entity should pursue a policy of its own political responsibility, it has been stated from the political movement United Montenegro.

President of the political movement, Goran Danilovic, said that the United Montenegro will not pursue two policies – one for the needs of the international community and the other for internal use.

“We will say that at every address, even on Wednesday, when a meeting with the ambassadors of EU member states is scheduled,” Danilovic said.

He said that the United accepted the invitation to the meeting with satisfaction and shared the believe that representatives of European countries were concerned about the political situation and deep crisis in Montenegro.

“If there were elementary accord in the opposition, we would have long had serious interviews with representatives of the international community. The opposition can’t have additional quarrel on a partial return to parliament, because the division is so deep that there is nothing left to be sorry about,” Danilovic said.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro