We will provide safe health care

The newly elected Minister of Health Budimir Segrt spoke with the parents of infected babies in Bijelo Polje hospital. He thanked them for a reasonable decision to stop the hunger strike. He did not characterize his present stay in Bijelo Polje as a working visit, but as a visit on the occasion of a recent infection of five babies in the maternity ward, one of which has died.

“In a conversation with them, I figured that yesterday they met the human word for the first time since the said case, after which they decided to leave the case to be solved by the competent institutions. Certain disorientation of some individuals and the services in the days when the tragedy struck and in its aftermath, forced the parents to express a big human revolt, and we must not allow this to happen any more”, said Segrt.

He said that tragedy in the maternity ward should be a warning to all healthcare workers to be up to the task in every moment, and that while he is the minister there would not be any tolerance nor forgiveness for any failure.

“We will establish a system which will respect the principle of security in every health institution. In Bijelo Polje there are both human and spacial capacities that can respond to these challenges. Those segments that require greater and urgent investment, as is the case with internal ward in Bijelo Polje, will receive priority in the coming period”, said the new Minister.

Segrt said that health system depends not only on doctors and their work, but that the management bears great responsibility, too. It is noticeable that there was poor communication between them and certain institutions, and the managers of certain departments and employees themselves.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro