We will respond to violence with violence

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The leader of the Movement for Changes (PZP) Nebojsa Medojevic said that any kind of violence against the Democratic Front (DF), would be regarded in the same manner, which will include protests, demonstrations or reactions to international addresses.

“This is something that is completely legitimate and is happening everywhere in the region. We will wait to see how things are going on. It is clear that this a brutal attack without basis on one leader of one party,” Medojevic said.

He called for peaceful solution to the political crisis in Montenegro.

Speaking at the press conference ,the leader of PZP has said that it is not late for prosecutor to enter into such a dangerous game, persecuting the strongest opposition political party in Montenegro, adding that it is a political problem.

“We have a political problem In Montenegro. This is not legal, but political problems. The political problems are solved by political means,” Medojevic pointed out.

He said that they are always for a political solution which involves early parliamentary elections, the interim government …

Speaking about suspected money laundering, Medojevic said that finance numbers of PZP shows that the total cash raised in 2016 is “far less than the amount for which Katnic claims to be money laundering via the transaction” .

Source: Radio Television Montenegro