We will vote on all items

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The leader of Positive Montenegro Darko Pajovic said that his party will vote on all three agenda items in Parliament, that is on the agreement, the new ministers and the dismissal of parliament speaker Ranko Krivokapic. He also announced that it they will not participate in today’s plenum discussion .

At the press conference, Pajovic said that without the Positive , but also some other parties, the strategic objectives of the agreement can hardly be achieved.

He also announced that the Positive will now follow the party interests. Pajovic said that the mission of the agreement is to overcome divisions.

“Positive Montenegro has definitely made the greatest sacrifice of democratization of Montenegro. I would recall January 27th, when a vote of confidence was done. The first goal was peace, and now we have it. The continuity of NATO integration, tomorrow will be signed protocol, and third is participation of the opposition in the state powers. All three objectives that we have set earlier, today are met. It makes us proud of the decisions, ancestors and descendants, ” said Pajovic.

He also said that everyone, including the independent media, have come to the agenda of Positive Montenegro.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro