We’ll cut debts for water and electricity, if elected

Democratic Front (DF) offered the citizens the “Contract of a new beginning”, which includes cutting the debts for electricity and water, if the political alliance would have a chance to constitute Government.

The offered contract presented ahead of announced protests on 27 September, would apply to all citizens as Andrija Madnic, one of DF leaders, and would be conducted on the basis of “lex specialis”.

Agreement on the new beginning, implies acceptance of the obligations of the DF to write off overdue obligations for electricity for all households in the country relating to the primary objects of the apartments, as well as outstanding debt obligations of consumed water, removal and disposal services of municipal waste.

Mandic added that the contract includes the write-off of due arrears of immovable property tax for all the family objects, which are treated as primary for housing, as well as the legalization of residential buildings, except those on locations predicted for higher level plans for the construction of infrastructural facilities of public interest.

“For owners whose families live in illegally built buildings, legalization will be free,” Mandic said at a press conference.
He stated that the contract includes a significant expansion of A positive list of medicines that are dispensed at the expense of the Health Fund and the abolition of citizens’ participation in the procurement of medicines.

“The citizens of Montenegro to whom we offer this proposal Contract are victims of corrupted and theft prone regime,” said Mandic assessing that their poverty is directly caused by intentional and harmful actions of the ruling elite.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro