West, not Russia, is organizing coups

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“The Russian Federation does not organize a coup, either officially or unofficially, it is not our method,” Fyodor Biryukov, the main ideologue of the Russian party Rodina, said at a press conference.

“Western forces are organizing the cuops and they do not hide it,” Biryukov said.

The delegation of the Russian party Rodina arrived yesterday in Podgorica to support the leaders of the Democratic Front Andrija Mandic and Milan Knezevic.

“The Western forces are organizing the coups and they do not hide it and credit their methods to Russia and our associates from DF. I’m convinced that it will be proved that these men are not guilty,” Biryukov said at the press conference.

As he added, “the situation clearly shows which forces stand behind the pro-Western powers, which parties are fighting for real democracy”.

One of the DF leaders, Milan Knezevic, said that the arrival of the Rodina Party delegation shows close ties between Russia and Montenegro. He added that the trial against the DF is “an attempt to spread anti-Russia hysteria”.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro