What can minorities seek in exchange for their support to government? Do they need a guarantee form international community?

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National minorities have been deceived several times so far, which is why they should take advantage of the current situation in which government formation depends on them, because they must not allow to be cheated again. Boris Raonic from the Civic Alliance told CDM that, noting that this time the minority parties should seek guarantees from international community for the possible future agreement on their support to the government. It will also be interesting to see how they will find a compromise among themselves, since they do not have the same strength.

Since the Bosniak Party (BS), FORCA and Croatian Civic Initiative (HGI) announced that before deciding who they will side with after the elections they would agree on common and specific national goals, it remained an open question what the minorities can seek from future allies in exchange for their support.

Raonic says it’s good that they entered negotiations together, but notes that they have been deceived several times so far.

“The public knows many examples, but there are also those less known regarding personnel issues. Therefore, it would be wise for them this time to look for an international guarantor of the agreement. They must not allow being deceived once again, since it has already affected their results. The voters’ logic is ‘Why should I support a certain DPS partner, rather than the very DPS?’ Therefore, this time they must achieve concrete results in the future coalition. They must finally show that minorities are not the decor in the government, but that they should have an equal position in the country like everyone else. Thus the good news would be if we had a minority representative in one of the top three positions, the foreign or finance minister etc. Minorities are underrepresented – there are three times fewer their representatives in state administration than it should be”, Raonic said.

Therefore, there are a number of things that can seek now.

“Minorities live in the least developed areas in Montenegro, war crimes issues are still unresolved, there is also the issue of regional development and resource management in these territories, so these things can finally be resolved now”, Raonic said.

However, he points out that things within these parties are not simple at all.

“FORCA cannot form its position alone and it is not easy to reach a final decision within the party itself. In the Bosniak Party, one can recognise the difference in the approach of the party wings coming from north and south. HGI is included in this story formally and they will not reinforce their bargaining position because they are a reliable DPS’s partner, even more loyal than SD or certain wings of DPS itself”, he said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro