What did Cetinje do in a year?

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MPs of Royal Capital Assembly passed a Report on achievements of Mayor Aleksandar Bogdanović during the last year. The year was marked with dedicated work of local administration that aims to create conditions for further progress of the Royal Capital, that will be reflected in quality life standard, Bogdanović said, Pobjeda Daily reports.

Bogdanović reminded that during the last year, a new traffic corridor was built at the city entrance, new and reconstructed sewer system was built, and new solar lights were installed. Project „Beautiful Cetinje“ continued its development, and activities were started in establishing new business zone where „Košuta“ used to be. Bogdanović gave the numbers to illustrate the work done.

„We had 100% of increase in budget compared to 2010, and we realized investments in the amount of 18,4 million EUR, or 1,1 million per every thousand citizens. We implemented projects in the amount of 7 million EUR that were provided from non-refundable resources from the donations and funds of EU. We also focused on potentials of rural areas, as one of the priorities in the work of local administration”, he said.

His work was mostly criticized by the opposition. Ivan Gazivoda of SD said that the Report is similar to the ones before it, full of assumptions for big projects that are yet to be implemented.

„There is no mention of business zones, MACCOC or Zagrablje, chocolate factory. After 6 years of this leadership, the city still does not have water, and Gruda and Donje polje still enjoy terrible smells. In the end of 2012, there were 3.650 employed citizens in Cetinje, and last year there were 3.614“, Gazivoda said.

He also commented on the construction of ropeway between Cetinje Lovćen Kotor. He said that this project is expected to bring benefits, but he is worried that it might become a burden on city’s budget.

Critics arrive from SDP as well, voiced by Mirko Stanić and Nikola Đurašković.

Stanić believes that the corridor at city’s entrance was poorly constructed, and that it is lacking vertical signalization.

„The city entrance features a garbage bin that reads Center”, he said, commenting also on the fact that the bus stations is still not functioning, although this was promised during elections in 2013.

Bogdanović said that the bus station has long been built, but that the Directive of Traffic is supposed to issue a licence.

MP of SNP Slobodan Čavor was not in the mood for criticism and he said he would vote for the Report.

He said it was important that Parliament of Montenegro pass the Law on Royal Capital that he believes would give way for fast progress.

In his final statement, Bogdanović said announced the beginning of many projects, among which are abyss recovery, construction of facility for cleaning waste waters, and reconstruction of Bajova street and Mojkovac street.

When it comes to moving of Filermosa, this project entails Cetinje becoming one of the main religious tourism centers.

MPs in the Assembly passed a series of nominations and resignations. Njegosava Vujanović and Dragan Čavor of DPS resigned, and were replaced by Jelena Radojičić and Vesna Lagator.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro