What Djukanovic, Vujanovic and other politicians think about the US choice?

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After the election of Donald Trump, the United States should continue to strengthen relations with Europe, which we belong to, outgoing prime minister Milo Djukanovic said.

“There is no doubt that this is a regular win and that the relations in the post-election period will develop differently than it is the case in Montenegro. The US president-elect should be congratulated and we should continue to develop our very good relations. The US needs to continue consolidating relations with Europe, which we belong to. Certain Western Balkan issues should be closed as soon as possible”, he said after consultation with Montenegrin President Filip Vujanovic on prime minister designate.

Vujanovic is sure that Washington will support continuing ratification of the Montenegro-NATO accession protocol. So far, 13 out of 28 NATO member states have ratified the protocol.

“I am convinced that Montenegro will have intensive and beneficial relations with the new administration. I hope Mr Tramp will be favourable to this region. He is a businessman and I expect him to encourage American companies to come to Montenegro”, the president said.

What other politicians think about Trump’s victory?

Dritan Abazovic from the Key coalition says that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were bad candidates and that his favourite lost.

“But you see, the Americans want something to change. is it because of hairstyle or something else – it does not matter. They want to break the boredom. I do not think Trump’s victory will have drastically negative impact on Montenegro’s NATO integration”, Abazovic said.

The president of the Croatian Civic Initiative (HGI) Marija Vucinovic also believes that there will be no problems in the US ratification of the Montenegro-NATO accession protocol.

“I think that Trump’s victory cannot have a negative impact on Montenegro. We think that it will not stop ratification of the NATO accession protocol in the Senate”, Vucinovic said.

The president of the Bosniak Party (BS) Rafet Husovic also believes that the US administration is serious enough, so that nothing will change in that respect.

“We expect everything to be completed by April or May”, Husovic said.

The leader of the Social Democrats (SD) Ivan Brajovic also believes that Montenegro will have good relations with all US presidents.

“I think that US foreign policy does not depend predominantly on who is the president”, Brajovic said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro