Where’s curator on Mamula?

The fortress Mamula is devastated, and future investor intends to rebuild the site in the archaeological, cultural, historical sens, giving it tourist value, said Deputy Prime Minister Vujica Lazovic in the Parliament , answering to parliamentary questions.

Independent MP Obrad Gojkovic asked the Deputy Prime Minister Vujica Lazovic what motivates opted government to support the long-term lease of the island Lastavica with fortress Mamula.

Commenting on the long-term lease of Mamula, Lazovic asked MPs: “When did you visit Mamula last time. Did you meet the curator, what were you able to see there? That’s devastated area in every sense. Every time when we get an international partner, who wants to protect, arrange and make it a tourist destination, we want to stop it, ” said Lazovic, adding that the lease of Mamula will be decided upon by the Parliament.

The company Orascom offered to lease Mamula to 49 years at a price of 1.5 euros per square meter, and to lease the marine waters of the island at a cost of 90 cents per square meter. This is more than what the government has designated as a minimum in the tender for the lease of the island.

Vision of Orascom is to restore the fortress Mamula by preserving cultural heritage and promoting the historical character of the island.

The plan is the construction of a luxury hotel with four+ or five stars. The hotel would be named Mamula Island Hotel and Spa and would be open four to five months after starting works. It is would have 23 hotel rooms, four restaurants, historical protected area (memorial room), reception, water sports club …

The tender commission for the valuation of tourism locations in early December 2013, issued a public call for participation in the international public tender for long-term lease of the Lastavica Island with fortress Mamula.They have not informed public about negotiations.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro