Who will replace URA’s representatives at management and operational positions in state bodies: No automatism, Djukanovic will decide

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After URA Civic Movement announced it will leave the government of electoral trust, the director of the Employment Office of Montenegro, Rade Milosevic, was first to resign yesterday. The director of the Agency for Transport Ivan Asanin also announced mass resignations of URA representatives for Thursday. Dnevne Novine newspaper carried that all members who signed the agreement would certainly be interested in the appointment of new members who will replace URA staff.

The lex specialis which was signed by the government and the opposition troika does not contain provisions in case certain signatories leave the government. Therefore, there are different interpretations of the new appointments.

The top of DPS stated that such a decision should be made by the prime minister, but that representatives of the remaining part of the troika in the government, ie Demos and SDP, cannot “inherit” the positions left by URA.

“It is still early to talk about the new appointments. We are waiting for URA to officially leave the government and then we’ll see what to do next. Will the rest of the opposition take their positions? No, why would they? The troika does not exist any longer and taking the ministries over is not a matter of automatism”, a high-ranking government official told Dnevne Novine.

He added that this decision was a matter of prime minister and that he would decide who would replace staff of Zarko Rakcevic’s party.

The Dnevne Novine’s source said when URA officially leaves the government, its representatives will be resolved at the next government session.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro