Wilkinson: I must return to Montenegro, at least for a vacation

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The famous British producer Wilkinson had a great success at the Sea Dance Festival on the Jaz beach last year, and this year he has been engaged to perform at the Exit festival on the Petrovaradin fortress. In his interview for the weekend edition of the Dnevne Novine newspaper, he talked about his new album, touring…

The world star DJ and producer Wilkinson (27) does not have a rest. In fact, since his debut single Moonwalker/Samurai was published in 2010, as he put it, “his life has been reduced to packing and unpacking”.

Currently, he is on a tour in New Zealand, after which he will go on a tour across his homeland England. However, he says that he will not easily forget his performance in Montenegro.

“I had a great time in Montenegro. I did not have much time to go around, because I arrived quite late and I had to perform. I managed to take a little walk in Budva and as far as I was able to see, you have a really beautiful country. Do not worry, I’ll definitely be back on vacation, if you ever get one (laughs)”, this drum and bass genius said, adding that his last year’s appearance at the Sea Dance Festival was among favourite ones in his career.

“One of the best in my career, definitely. Shortly afterwards, I shared it with my fans on the social media. There was a great atmosphere, the sea, wonderful people. What else you can ask for? I am a happy man. It’s not all about money. Nothing can buy these trips, exploring new lands, culture, great people”, the musician said.

He managed to reach international fame as a very young man, but as he says it is not a big problem for him.

“Yes. I am dealing with that quite well. Of course, there is a daily struggle between touring and producing… Also, family and friends often suffer because they rarely see me, but it’s all a part of the job. I love what I do and that is most important”, the famous producer explains.

His debut album Lazers Not Included was published three years ago. He has worked on a new one for some time and promises to complete it this year.

He published a new single Flatline with his colleague Wretch 32 a month ago.

When it comes to the new album, he did not want to reveal much. He just said that he cooperated with very talented people and that he was very pleased about that.

“You will listen to a few more singles until the album is released, as you have listened to the duet with Wretch, which is great”, he said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro