Wilson: Reforms to be continued after the invitation

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The vice president of the Atlantic Council in Washington, Damon Wilson, said he hoped that the protocol on the accession of Montenegro to NATO would be signed by the current, the 114th US Congress, which would significantly shorten the period to full membership.

“I sincerely hope that this Congress will ratify the protocol, because if is transferred to a new one, then more time will be needed and it depends on internal issues in the United States”, Wilson told RTCG.

He added that he was pleased because another Balkan country would join NATO, adding he was sure it would provide a new level of stability to the region.

“This decision will bring new investments to the region… This is also the message to Sarajevo, Banja Luka and Belgrade – the example of what should be done on the integration path”, said Wilson.

He said that receiving NATO invitation did not mean that reforms should be finished – “it means more work, and more intensive efforts”, he said.

According to him, by membership in the Alliance and the European Union, Montenegro would successfully position itself on the international scene.

“This is a country that made good moves, renewed its independence and ensured a secure future for its people. This was a decade of big decisions the benefits of which would be felt by population of Montenegro. Independence has brought autonomy in decision-making and enabled the country to progress significantly”, Wilson said.

He said that since 2006, people of Montenegro had decided on their own fate and that no one in the future must be allowed to tailor it on their behalf.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro