Wind farm on Krnovo to power over 50.000 households

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Each of 26 wind power plants that were recently installed on Krnovo hill by Nikšić will be functional by the beginning of next year, said Emil Bakić, director of Akuo energy Med, for Weekend Edition of Dnevne Novine daily.

The exact date the wind farm should start working was not set, because it mostly depends on weather conditions, Bakić said.

“The wind farm should start functioning in the beginning of next year. It all depends on conditions and tests. But, we can say that the end of January is a time for the machines to start working”, Bakić said.

The biggest project in the region

The project, worth 140 million EUR, is implemented by the French Akuo energy and Austrian Ivicom Consulting, and is the biggest of this type in the region.

Akuo energy finds our country to be very interesting area.

“Montenegro accumulates wind, sun and hydro potential. Potentials are not only in the wind, we intended to develop over years in Montenegro. We are also interested in biomass, because it is important that forests are cleaned and taken care of. What remains can be used for heating or in some other way”, Bakić said.

According to him, they are interested in Krnovo 2 project as well, that would entail installing more wind power plants on the hill.

“We will see what happens. The most important thing is that the first project is successfully completed. This wind farm will be able to power 50.000 households. However, unlike with solar panels that can be charged like batteries, wind plants work only when there is wind”, Bakić said.

Wind plants can bring many benefits to Montenegro, along with the project of connecting with energy cable.

Trial soon

American company General Electric was in charge of assembling of all the parts of the wind farm.

“We need to make trial runs of the system soon. Montenegro is a new opportunity for General Electric when it comes to renewable sources of energy. This is one of our major projects this year“, Novak said.

Krnovo to become a tourist spot

This project also has touristic value. This is the first wind farm in Montenegro, and citizens drive up to the hill to see it. One couple even got engaged there. According to international analysis, wind farms have no harmful effects for the tourism of the state, on the contrary.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro