Without arrests we cannot be satisfied



Montenegrin Interior Minister Goran Danilovic said it is good that certain actions regarding the security situation in Kotor have been done, adding that no one can be satisfied while certain persons are not brought to justice.

Danilovic met today with Greek Ambassador to Podgorica Sotirios Atanasius who said that Montenegro and Greece have excellent interstate relations, adding official Athens hopes the best solutions are going to be reached for achieving fair and free elections in Montenegro.

Danilovic informed Greek Ambassador about preparations taken by Ministry of Interior , in order to get transparent and accurate Voters Register.

“He pointed out that the best way is sought in order to perform a complete identification of about ten thousand people who still do not have biometric document. Also, they wait for the formation of the Coordinating Team for monitoring the implementation of obligations related to the maintenance of fair and free elections ,” it is said in the statement.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro