Without evidence that Jovanovic was killed by Mafia

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Report of a private detective which was submitted to the Special State Prosecutor’s Office three months ago, does not contain facts that point to evidence that behind the murder of editor-in -chief of daily ‘’Dan’’, Dusko Jovanovic stands Italian mafia, the Chief Special Prosecutor Milivoje Katnic said.

“Bearing in mind that the report describes the way and points to the perpetrators of the murder of editor-in -chief of daily ‘’Dan’’, Dusko Jovanovic, the prosecution undertakes measures and activities to check the credibility of the content of the report,” Milivoje Katnic said.

The subject is labeled secret, si it is not revealed who was heard and who is the detective who submitted report.

The newspaper says that from Katnic’s response it could be concluded that it is an individual and not the “renowned Belgrade agency”, as some media reported.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro