Without new elections in Niksic there is no solution to the crisis

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The bearer of the list of Democratic Montenegro in the March elections in Niksic Momo Koprivica said that repeated local elections in the city were prerequisite for solving the political crisis in the country.

“If the local elections in Niksic are not repeated, there could not be a resolution of the political crisis in Montenegro. And in addition to the well-known reasons for termination of boycott of parliament, we add another one – repeated local elections in Niksic,” said Koprivica at the protest of the Democratic Montenegro in Niksic, shortly before the session of the local parliament.

He also said he would never accept single-party system in Niksic.

“It means that people’s opinion does not count, it means people would not be heard. Single-party system means the government is not accountable and that there is no control,” said Koprivica.

He said that Democrats would not give up Niksic and that they would not allow the introduction of the single-party system in the city.

“We will not allow single-mindedness in this city. All you do is worthless. If elections in Niksic were not repeated, the crisis in Montenegro would not be resolved. Whoever gives up on these requests, betrays Niksic, and who betrays Niksic, betrays Montenegro”, said Koprivica.

He said he will not allow Niksic to be a black spot on the political map of Europe.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro